Our Practice

Our interdisciplinary team approach to wellness, pain relief and rehabilitation allows us to co-treat patients when necessary and evaluate the entire individual to correct the problem successfully. 

We understand that each person is different and what works for one person may not work for another.  By utilizing these different therapies it allows the doctors and therapists at Figurelli Integrated Wellness Center to create a treatment plan that is specific for each of their patient’s wants and needs.

pre surgical rehab figurelli integrated wellness

Our multi-disciplinary and holistic approach to patient care is innovative and relevant in today’s rapidly changing healthcare environment.  We provide a program of care designed to improve physical function and alleviate pain by bringing together a team of specialized rehabilitation and wellness professionals.

We are a fully integrated wellness center including all the disciplines you need to create a vibrant, growing and sustainable lifestyle. Our multi-disciplinary center includes all holistic avenues to health.