Tracey Bengyel

Tracey Bengyel , Massage Therapist: LMT

Tracey has over 10 years experience with massage. She is proficient in Swedish, sports, prenatal, myofasical & reflexology techniques. Tracey spent several years developing her craft in luxury spas. At that time, she was able to provide people with relaxing massages and helped calm their minds with aromatherapy.

In the last several years Tracey has been working on to have more of an impact on her clients physical health and be in a more therapeutic environment.

Tracey has a lot of knowledge of the body & a deeper understanding of what people are looking to accomplish in their session. She has developed a style all on her own. Tracey firmly believe Therapeutic massage does not have to be painful, in order to achieve relief.

Call our office to schedule an appointment and initial consultation with Tracey. New massage therapy patient information is available HERE.